Marriage is all about relationships.   The wedding day is filled with split seconds where those relationships come into view.  There will be lovely moments between the bride and groom...the first time he sees you in your wedding dress, "the kiss", your first dance as husband and wife, personal favorite...that first kiss away from the crowds after the ceremony.  There will be special moments between you and your parents and grandparents.  Of course we can't forget about the excitement of having your brothers, sisters, cousins and very best friends standing beside you as you prepare for the day, make your vows, and dance the night away at the reception!  This is a day when all the people that are special to you, from all aspects of your lives, will come together.  We would be honored to be able to capture those special moments of your day for you.  Please enjoy looking through some of the moments we have been privileged to photograph in the past.