Hometown Photography | Chestnut Square Historical Village Annual Fashion Show and Luncheon 2015
Thank you for stopping by to see the photographs from the Chestnut Square Fashion Show! There are two folders in this group. They both contain the same photographs, but one has the full resolution versions (which are large enough to print), and the other has low-resolution copies, which are not large enough to print but load quickly online and in emails. The full resolution images will not have the logo or watermark after they are downloaded or printed. For your convenience, I have set up the full resolution folder to enable you to order the prints you would like. They will be delivered to your home. You can also download the images directly to your computer and have them printed. Please contact me if you need a print release or if I can help you in any way. Call me (Karen) at 214-793-5436 or email me at karen@hometown-photo.com
Full Resolution Images Available for Download or PrintsLow-Resolution Images Available for download for social media (not for printing)